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IsscoThai Technologies, or International Scientific Supply as it was first named, was founded in 1973. By that time, International Scientific Supply was the leading importer and distributor of air/gas/water/process liquid filtration, purification, sterilizing filtration and molecular weight ultra-filtration/separation equipments. Furthermore, with demands and broaden marketing channels, by that time, we started to distribute, also, scientific laboratory equipments to customers. Some of our partnerships were Millipore Corp, Ionpure Technologies Inc, Continental Water System and The Virtis Company. Ranges of customers started from pharmaceutical industry, medical, vaccine, hospitals and healthcares, food and beverage processing plant, to semiconductor industry.

Throughout the 1990's, in response to the rising of market demand, we have started focusing on critical environment solutions and air containment technologies such as biological safety cabinets, laminar flow clean benches, cleanroom equipments and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter impregnated units for hospitals, pharma-medical-devices-vaccine and life science research institutes. Our partnerships were Cambridge Filter Corp, Dominic Hunter Filter and ALFCO Corp. This was another important page of our history achieving and becoming one of leading expertise regarding air containment technologies in Thailand.

Today, another new story of our experiences has come. International Scientific Supply now becomes IsscoThai Technologies. With great vision aiming to serve our public and improve well-being of the society, solutions to indoor air quality (IAQ) pollution are currently main objective of the company not only for life science but residential sectors also. That brings about our new slogan "Critical Solutions for Controlled Environments".

With more than thirty years experiences in air/liquid filtration state-of-art, combining with air containment technologies and the present indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, we are confident to provide customers solutions to all ranges of problem no matter air or liquid and commercial or residential sectors.

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