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Laboratory Chemical Fume Hood


IsscoThai has been introducing and distributing the air containment technologies related equipments including Biologicial Safety Cabiets (BSCs) and Laminar Flow Clean Benches for more than two decades. Our broaden product ranges start from class I, class II to class III Biological Safety Cabinets and both Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Benches.

Currently we have broadened our product range by introducing "IsscoThai Laboratory Chemical Fume Hood" to the market. The purpose of this equipment is to provide "personnel protection" during any fume/odor related application in the laboratory.  

With more than twenty years in experiences, you can be confident our sale engineer teams will be able to assist you choosing the right hood for any of your applications both productively and cost-effectively.

Consult IsscoThai for more information about laboratory chemical fume hood and let us help you select the hoods fit to your application.