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Cleanroom Certification







IsscoThai services all types and sizes of cleanrooms and other controlled environments including pharmaceutical and semiconductor sectors.  Our technicians are well trained in-house in order to provide productive performance during certification and servicing to all of your critical environments.


Regular testing of your cleanroom facility should be performed on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The focus of this testing program is to monitor performance of your critical environments in order to identify significance change in efficiency. This will ensure changes can be addressed before they become a major source of contamination effecting productivity. By reviewing our customer's current contamination controls, developing enhanced cleanroom procedures and training cleanroom personnel, they are always kept ahead of problems and ways of crisis.


Your Requirement: Compliance

IsscoThai delivers:

  • Traceability to national and international standards.
  • Cleanrooms can be certified in accordance with 
    • Federal Standard 209E
    • ISO 14644-1 
    • IES-RP-CC006.03


Your Requirement: Cost

IsscoThai delivers:

  • Tailored-made testing program fits your tight budget.


Your Requirement: Clarity of Reporting

IsscoThai delivers:

  • All field-testing and validation results are clearly reported with a pass/fail section.
  • Reports are provided in both hard copy and PDF file.


Primary Tests


The primary tests are related to airborne particulate cleanliness classes as required by ISO 14644. In general, the primary tests should be performed in the order that will be most beneficial to the project being certified. By performing these tests, the cleanroom will be correctly classified to the appropriate class level. These tests include:


  • Airflow Velocity and Uniformity Tests
  • Airflow Volume and Uniformity Tests
  • HEPA Filter Installation Leak Tests
  • Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Classification Tests
  • Room Pressurization Tests


Secondary Tests


The secondary tests are user optional and relate to particle, air movement and ancillary systems within the cleanroom. These tests include:


  • Airflow Parallelism Tests
  • Recovery Test
  • Lighting Level and Uniformity Tests
  • Sound Level Test
  • Vibration Level Test
  • Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Tests
  • Electrostatic Test
  • Conductivity Test
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test
  • Air Change Rate (ACH) Test
  • Bench Scan Filter Leak Tests


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