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UVGI Consulting & Design




What is UVGI?

UVGI (Ultraviolet Light Germicidal Irradiation) is a technology of utilizing particular energy span of certain wavelength generated from UV light to disinfect biocontaminants including virus, bacteria, mold, spore and fungi as well as reducing chemical contaminants. This effective principle is a practical solution for both air-stream and surface disinfection.


How does UV light destroy Biological & Chemical Contaminants?

Sanuvox purifiers use proprietary High-Intensity or Amalgam 19mm Mercury Vapor Hot Cathode Quartz Lamps that produce UVC and UVV light (both wavelengths are fused into the Lamp). UVC is short-wave radiation; it attacks the DNA of the cell. This wavelength's primary uses are for the destruction of biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends this method for destroying viruses such as tuberculosis. UVV is primarily used for Oxidization; this is the portion of the lamp that will destroy chemicals and odors such as cigarette smoke, VOCs, diesel fumes and formaldehyde. With both UV wavelengths working together, Sanuvox UV purifiers are able to destroy thousands of biological and chemical contaminants.


Does this UVGI technology produce ozone?

The amount of residual ozone produced by Sanuvox proprietary UVV/UVC lamps has been measured by independent accredited testing laboratories and found not to exceed 0.0035 part per million at the outlet of the purifier. This is less than 1/10 of the ASHRAE limit (0.05 ppm) and less than 1/20th of the OSHA (0.10 ppm) standards for safe ozone levels. In fact, the oxidation process produces less residual ozone than a photocopier or the arcing from an electronic air cleaner, and in documented air quality tests, zero ozone levels have been found in the living or working area.


IsscoThai is an authorized distributor of all Sanuvox's product ranges including its proprietary UVC&UVV lamps. We also sent our sales engineers to their head office in Montreal, Canada to have product training in both informative and technical aspects. This will ensure our customers will receive correct information about the capability of this UVGI technology, appropriate Sanuvox products to your needs as well as cost-effective sizing for any square foot of controlled areas to meet all of your requirements.


What does IsscoThai offer in this UVGI consulting & design?

  • Inspection

    • Review of your home, office, HVAC, AHU at sight condition including a maintenance history and thorough physical inspection for signs of contaminants.

  • Testing and Analysis

    • Surface, air and bulk samples, when appropriate, will be taken for further studies.
    • Samples are analyzed and reviewed by our technicians to determine the condition of your indoor air-quality.
    • Report including recommendations for improving your indoor air-quality and solutions is generated.
  • Sizing and Design

    • Appropriate Sanuvox UVGI units will be selected for your problems and installed by our well-trained technicians.

  • Post-installation Assessment

    • Surface, air and bulk samples will be taken from the same specific locations for further studies and the result will be summarized. 


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